Join us at AIM Masterclass: The Future of Work to hear industry experts discuss the essential tools for today and tomorrow’s leaders. Topics include:Leading millennials to do great work, Making space for leadership, Artificial intelligence in the workplace of tomorrow, Accelerating pace of globalisation, Leading change, and Engaging the work force – working towards high performing teams Book your place. Find out more.

15-Aug-17: Learn how to Pitch

Want to learn how to pitch your idea? Want to practice in front of a friendly crowd? This is the event for you. Even better, no investors are allowed so there is no chance of anyone seeing any mistakes or testing any new ideas... this is an open forum where we all learn how we can pitch our ideas better to friends, colleagues and investors. There are four elements of pitching that could be covered - head to the Meteorical Forum to select which of Solution, Why Now, Team or Business Model you would prefer. There a limited number of Founder Memberships of the forum available offering free membership for a year and 50% off forum costs thereafter. Book your place. Find out more.

5-Sep-17: Do you qualify for ESIC status?

It costs nothing for your company to qualify for ESIC status but it adds significant benefits for your investors. Today you can find out why investors are so keen to invest in ESIC qualified businesses and what you need to do to get the qualification. Book your place. Find out more.

3-Oct-17: 3 Secrets of Disruption

Today's workshop looks at a Case Study of a major breakthrough which has save miliions of lives around the world. Rather than the usual story, we look behind the scenes to understand what really happened. What can we learn? What were three secrets? After the case study we will workshop how we can, individually, take action to help us on the road to disruption. What can we do tomorrow, Wednesday 4th October at 8am, to start on the path to disrupting industry with our ideas? Book your place. Find out more.