Startup.Simplified Workshops

My workshops provide you with three things:

  • The knowledge you need now to grow - distilled from my research and the world's experts;
  • An open, collaborative environment with like-minded entrepreneurs and connections with key guest speakers; and
  • Relevant and practical work on your business with a USB of background material.


JTBD Coaching

Find the right Coach from my team of Experts to complete the "Job To Be Done" for you right now.

Why struggle with trying to gain all the knowledge yourself? Your coach can dramatically accelerate your learning and implementation reducing time and costly rework.

You may think a coach is "expensive" but what is the cost of all that rework and learning?


Australian Entrepreneurship on Life Support

No joke. Australia is dropping down the world rankings as one of the best places to be.

Our future and our children's future depends upon world class business generating the revenue we need to pay for transport, healthcare, and our retirement. Descending the rankings demotes us in the world - join me to make a change.

It is up to you.


My credentials...

I founded Gordano (a messaging company) in 1995 and received 271x return ($7,050K) in an MBO 9 years later (86% pa for 9 years). At the MBO Gordano had 13,200 customers, 23 staff and a T/O greater than $5,500K pa. Co-founded DeeZee (an internet security company) which was sold to Cisco Systems Inc 25 months later yielding a return of $6,812K (a 49x return 602% pa return). As Northern Business Angel Network Manager, reviewed 235 companies, presented 23 to angels and successfully got investment for 11 companies in two years. The total invested was $10,850K of which $1,610K was by local Business Angels.

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